Quotes from press articles


about Bruno Comby's 20 years of research on nutrition and raw food


" There is a new book out by Bruno Comby, and I find the concept he proposes the most exciting approach to food I've seen in a long time. "

Michelle Leigh, Japan Times.


" Very convincing! " … " After years of frustrating diets, nutritionists don't speak of diets any more but of food environmentalism " … " A simple system to eat and lose extra-weight without effort. "

Daniele Bott, Vogue.


" How to make your food habits better for you and for the planet… Bruno Comby's latest success. "



" Here is the answer to the world's food problems " … " A gourmet's diet and the latest in French cuisine " … " Dr Comby, a young scientist and nutritionist, whose revolutionary thesis on how to provide the human race with extraordinarily cheap and nutritious food has excited Paris. "

Safa Haeri, The Independant.


" Comby's method is not designed to lose weight, although it does give this result on those who need to. "

Montreal Newspaper.


" The best in the field of nutrition. "

Mark Perrault, ACSMF Radio.


" Raw food nutrition is the best way to increase your eating pleasure… improve the quality of your skin… and save energy. The amount of energy used just to cook our food equals the energy production of 150 nuclear power plants of 1000 MW each operating full speed, full time. "

Pascale Corbin, Your Health Magazine.


"In his latest book… Mr Comby recommends that the French forsake their culinary heritage"

Tom Rhodes, The European.


"The idea Comby proposes in his book is an old one which has been forgotten in recent years… Natural, logical and simple, Comby's diet makes sense… It ensures that you consume all those health-promoting natural molecules offered by fruits, vegetables and fish. And it gives you everything you need in its original form, and nothing you don't."

Michelle Leigh, Japan Times.


These are just a few excerpts taken from the 1.500 press articles and interviews about Bruno Comby's nutritional theories, which have been presented in many of the main worldwide magazines, radio and TV talkshows.