by Pr Thieu L. Nghiem


Professor Thieu L. Nghiem, M.D, Ph. D., epidemiologist, M.Sc. in teaching preventive medicine, graduated from and former professor of the medical university of Hanoi, Vietnam (1952), university of Saigon, Vietnam (1956-1958), Harvard University, U.S.A. (1960), John Hopkins University, U.S.A. (1960-1965), Wayne State University, U.S.A. (1967-1973), Washington state epidemiologist (1973-1978).


I first read this book in 1997. As a retired medical professor, three years ago, my arteriosclerotic heart was massively blocked, and gastric biopsy specimens from my stomach revealed histologic changes of gastric cells, showing dysfunctions and precancerous lesions.

Being former a former Washington State epidemiologist, and medical professor having teached classical medical science at a number of well known medical universities in the world, unfortunately had not helped me avoid the adverse health effects cited above. Even though I could access to the best of medical knowledge available, and consult the most famous of my medical colleagues, this didn't help me much.

Antioxydants, vitamins and nutrients helped me bypass the bypass. Improved nutrition, as well as the daily practise of yoga, and physical exercizes re-established my previous health. The progress and improvements observed as years passed by, and the new information available about human nutrition and longevity made me impatient.

I did not just read this book, but decided to experience it. The results were astonishing and in perfect accordance with the author's announced findings : raw foods not only replaced the indigestions by lightness feelings after meals nearly immediately, cured my occasional constipations and helped improve my stomach problems, but also trimmed fifteen pounds off my weight in ten days. I reduced the daily swallowing of twenty four tablets and pills of vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants to only four tablets.

This book underlines the key role of nutrition, and the importance of "Raw Foods", to human health in general and, in my case has reversed the trend toward the cancer of stomach resulting from my duodenal ulcer dating 50 years back, which the usual medical remedies had not solved.

A raw diet is not a " magic cure ", it is just obeying the law of nature and offering our body the nutrients that it has always been genetically adapted to.

Classical biopsies, pharmaceutical treatments, and other expensive therapies, are sometimes useful, but a raw and adequately balanced diet is often much more efficient to restore optimal health.

As a medical profesional specialized in Infectious Diseases, Parasitic and Tropical Medicine, this book presents a new approach which overcame my fears of infestation of tape-worms, other parasites in raw beef, fishes, etc. by very convincing scientific arguments on the role of a raw diet to strengthen the immune system, and therefore to help overcome a variety of modern diseases, and even some infectious diseases. In fact, most of the diseases observed today are nothing but the result of an inadequate nutrition.

To me, Bruno Comby is one of the first scientific researchers and writers to unify the knowledge of many fields and to overcome the partial, distorting myths and evidences of the modern medical specialists' viewpoints.

Believe it or not, this book represents a real revolution in the field of health and medical science. From an epidemiological standpoint, the author's unusual experience of observing and teaching the science of eating raw foods to a group of over 10.000 raw-eaters throughout the world is a very unique research.

Bruno Comby is not a medical doctor, but, like Louis Pasteur, George Watson, Leonardo da Vinci, he is an outstanding pionneer in the field of health and of medicine.

The diet proposed in this book is the theoritical, fundamental and practical answer to many clinical diseases usually considered incurable. Humans are not doomed to be sick all their lives, but doomed to live happily, vibrantly, if they follow the laws of nature.

Nutrition is the basis of life. As Bruno Comby demonstrates, a raw diet, however different it may be from our standard inadequate industrial and denaturated modern diet, is the basis of human health. Such a diet can avoid and/or cure many, if not most, modern diseases.

As one of the representants of the medical community, I honestly consider Bruno Comby's research on the clinical effects of a raw diet, described in this book, as probably being one of the most powerful medical breakthroughs ever presented to the public and to medical science professionals.


Professor Thieu L. Nghiem.