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Speaker's requirements and organizational details


Our typical presentations are based on powerpoint slides. Their duration is typically 90 minutes, eventually followed by questions from the participants.


The organizer of the event is to provide the following :

- Audio equipment : microphone, loudspeakers.

- Video-projection equipment for Powerpoint slides (PC computer, digital video projector, screen). The speaker will bring his PPT slides on CD-ROM or USB key or his own PC or MACINTOSH computer. If necessary, the speaker can send his PPT file in advance by e-mail.

- The presentation(s) can be given in English or French language. Simultaneous or consecutive translation are to be provided if the language of destination is other than English or French.

- All transportation costs, local accomodation costs, and local expenses are to be covered by the organizer, including taxi to and from hotels, airports or station, and lecture halls.

- If the speaker is from the headquarters of the IBC in Paris, the preferred airport for departure in Paris is Paris-Charles de Gaulle (airport code : PARIS-CDG, located north of Paris). If not possible, alternatively, departure from Paris-Orly (airport code : PARIS-ORY south of Paris) is also convenient. Paris-Charles de Gaulle is the largest airport in Europe and has numerous flights towards most destinations.

- Flight reservations and hotel reservations will be made by the organizer after agreeing on the departure and return dates and general conditions with the speaker. Air tickets are to be PRE-PAID by the organizer. Make sure that flight characteristics and the code number of the reservation are transmitted to the speaker before departure date and that he confirms having received them. Flight tickets will be picked up by the speaker at the airport counter on the day of departure.

- Air transportation is in standard class for Euopean destinations and in business class for non-European destinations. Dr. Bruno Comby will usually fly with Air France, but other airline companies are accepted.

- Internet connexion : if possible, please choose a hotel equiped with broadband internet access. Our speakers appreciate being able to connect to the internet with their laptop computer by ethernet cable or WIFI wireless connection. If possible, internet access is to be provided at the hotel(s) and corresponding cost covered by the organizer.

- Meals : all local meals are taken care of by the organizer. Please check if there are dietary preferences.

- For organizational details and lecture fees : contact our agent Claire Durand (spam prevention: replace [at] by @ before sending the email).

Written confirmation :

Please send a written confirmation by fax or by e-mail before the date of departure of the speaker confirming :
- the date, the name of the host, and the location of the event,
- the schedule of the event,
- the proposed title, date, time and duration of the speaker's presentation,
- whether the presentation will be followed by questions, a debate or a round table,
- the expected audience: number and level of their knowledge,
- the names and qualifications of other invited speakers,
- the availability of a computer, screen and digital projector for the presentation
- the flight reservation data (date, flight number, departure and arrival time)
- the name of contact(s) and his (their) phone numbers (including mobile),
- the lecture fee and other practical and organizational details,
- confirmation that you will cover all transportation and local expenses as mentioned above.

On the day of the lecture :

- Please confirm your mobile phone number in advance and take note of the mobile phone number of the speaker, just in case.

- Arrival in the lecture hall should be at least one hour before the beginning of the presentation with technical access to the computer and projection system, and to the translation system, to check that everything is OK with the powerpoint file, the computer, the digital projector and the translators (if the oral presentation is simultaneously translated).

For more information :

If you have any questions, please contact our agent Claire Durand (spam prevention: replace [at] by @ before sending the email) or the IBC by phone at +33 1 30 86 00 33.