Bruno Comby is a world famous author on lifestyle and natural health, author of 8 bestsellers presented below.

These books are published in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, Russian. These books have guided 1/2 million readers to a better life, and have been presented in more than 1500 television, radio programs and press articles throughout the world. Bruno Comby is also the author of several scientific publications.

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Fossil fuels such as coal oil, and gas, massively pollute the Earth's atmosphere (CO, CO2, SOX, NOX...), provoking acid rains and changeing the global climate by increasing the greenhouse effect, while nuclear energy does not participate in these pollutions and presents well-founded environmental benefits.

Renewable energies (solar, wind) not being able to deliver the amount of energy required by populations in developing and developed countries, nuclear energy is in fact the only clean and safe energy available to protect the planet during the XXI st century.

This book answers essential questions about nuclear safety, the Chernobyl accident, the public health problems our society has to face, viable solutions for nuclear waste, the benefits of clean nuclear energy for the environment, and important information about the future of our planet.

Back cover - Table of contents - Introduction by James Lovelock - Review of this book by the American Health Physics Society

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Available in English, French (+), Japanese (+), Romanian (+), Russian (+).

Publication in preparation in Chinese, German (+), Portuguese (+), Italian (+), Hungarian, Czek, and Slovak.

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A five minute siesta dissolves stress, increases your physical and mental power, and generates extra time by reducing the next night's sleep by up to two hours. This book tells you all about why and how take a siesta, discover the multiple benefits for your health of short power-relaxation sessions, and how to rest and increase your energy in just a few minutes with a siesta. Increase your energy and creativity like Napoleon, Leonardo da Vinci, Edison, Einstein... With an introduction by the french president Jacques Chirac (himself a reader of this book and power-sleeper).

Available in German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Czech and Portuguese

Back cover - Table of contents - Preface by French President Jacques CHIRAC

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Insects are a fine source of delicious high-quality protein. Edible insects are an abundant natural resource to feed the Earth's increasing population. This book is the world-reference on insect-eating (entomophagy). Insects can be prepared in many ways. This book proposes the very best, the traditional and the original insect-cooking recipes. Originally published in 1989, it has been presented by many of the major international TV talkshows, and has initiated the worldwide renaissance of the entomophagic (insect-eating) movement in the early 90's; with details on how to raise edible insects at home, and how to taste your first insects.

Available in German, Italian and French

Back cover - Table of contents - Preface by Dr Jean de Bonnefon

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This book proposes a global step-by-step guidance, and an efficient method to help you stop smoking. A simple, helpful, popular health book.

Includes psychological preparation, how to avoid temptations, a non-smoking diet, for easy success without putting on any weight. This book is among the top, if not the n°1 non-smoking title in Europe.

With an introduction by Pr Joyeux, cancer surgeon, International Cancer Prize award winner.

Available in French and Spanish.

Back cover - Table of contents

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This practical and highly motivating guide is for teens as well as older students, to be successful in exams and projects for one's entire life !

This book is a complete very simple working method, that can be applied by all students and adults. It contains varied recommendations, for students and adults from age 13 upwards (as well as their teachers and parents), to prepare examinations more efficiently, improve one's memory and learning skills, learn how to concentrate and work more efficiently, relax in just a few minutes, make a positive impression on your examinator, overcome difficult situations, how to organize your schedule, what to do on Exam-Day, how to help your students and your children study more efficiently, etc.

For easy success, and exams "in your pocket" with minimum time investment; strongly recommended.

Available in French

Back cover - Table of contents - Preface by Pr Henri Joyeux

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Our modern diet, and even many alternative diets, are largely polluted, artificial and inadapted to our basic nutritional needs. In his laboratory, the author has scientifically observed thousands of persons practising a 100% natural diet since 20 years. He proposes a simple and very efficient diet based on a wide range of raw foods. Learn how eating fresh fruits and other natural ingredients can be more delicious than MacDonald's or the finest French cuisine ! Experience new pleasure, freedom and health ! This diet is the closest to nature you can imagine. Discover your own way to optimal health, eating pleasure, and the satisfaction of your nutritional needs. Increase your physical, ecological, and mental awareness !

This book is for the general public, and is authoritative for all those interested by natural health methods and preventative health.

Foreword by Pr. Cloarec (Hospital Nutritionist in Paris), Pr. H. Leon Abrams (American anthropologist), and Brice Lalonde (environmentalist).

Available in English, Spanish and French

Press quotes - Table of contents - Preface by Pr. Abrams - Pr. Cloarec - Intro by Brice Lalonde - A Reader's Testimony

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Stress is one of the most common sources of depression and anxiety, and the origin of many illnesses.

This book tells you why, unveils the deepest and real causes of stress in our society and proposes a simple, safe, and efficient method to live stress-free. If you occasionnally feel stressed, all the advice you need is probably in that book.

At last, discover how to live a pleasant and peaceful life. The book include a stress measurement test for free.

The author is also the inventor of the STRESSOMETER ™ a new electronic system for the measurement of human stress through the evaluation of microscopic hand tremor.

With an introduction by Pr Joyeux, cancer surgeon, International Cancer Prize award winner.

"A stressed person has everything to be happy".

Available in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Czech.

Testimonial of a reader - Back cover - Table of contents - Preface by Pr Joyeux

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"Maximize immunity, and unleash your body's best defense against illness", is one of those very rare revolutionary books, a world reference since 1989.

This book presents the author's outstanding research on natural health, and how a radical change in nutrition can prevent and help cure a wide range of immune diseases. The author demonstrates the strategic importance of a better lifestyle and especially of a nutritional approach for immune-related diseases such as allergies, cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other auto-immune diseases, and proposes simple lifestyle recommendations, and a 100% raw natural diet, to unleash your body's best defense against illness : your own natural immunity.

Available in English, German, and French

Back cover - Table of contents - Preface by Pr René Olivier

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The most important thing to live happily, healthily and enjoy a successful life is to wish to do so and work in that direction.

Optimism is a source of hope and of success which applies to every direction of our lives.

We all have, inside ourselves, fantastic human resources, and only a pinch is needed to develop this potential and get the best of ourselves at work.

Optimism is a state of mind, which helps to solve all problems, and makes possible for each of us, around him, to contribute to a better society.

At one condition : be an optimist in all circumstances.


Back cover - Table of contents - Excerpts of the book

This book is in preparation (to be published)

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